Richter Visuals

Aston Martin Zürich

Social Media Tips

As the project goal was to capture the Aston Martin DBX707 on a journey across the Switzerland’s scenery, I recommend the following for your Instagram and LinkedIn posts:

1.Use Carousels: Combine the photos into carousels. This format encourages viewers to swipe through and see the entire journey, which increases engagement and boosts the post’s visibility in the algorithm.

2.Start with a Hook: The first photo of each carousel should be a hook – either a collage that previews the journey or a graphic that catches the eye. This will make people want to stop and look through the rest of the carousel.

3.Visual Storytelling: Organize the photos to narrate the journey. Start with a broader view like a drone shot of the road or scenery, then show the car in motion, and include a detailed shot of the car.

4.Color Coordination: Use similar or contrasting colors to create a visually appealing sequence.

5.Vary Your Posts: Switch between carousel posts and videos to keep your content diverse and interesting.

6.Include a Call to Action: Add a simple call to action in your post captions, like ‚Swipe to see more‘ or ‚Check out the full journey on our website.

Formats for Instagram posts: 4:3 (Horizontal, 1350x1080px) / 3:4 (Vertical, 1080x1350px)